Dance School Diaries Ep. 5: Meet The Newbie Ballerina Madison

“Meet the Newbie Ballerina Madison”

Webisode 5 in DanceOn’s Dance School Diaries:

“Meet Madison, a 14 year-old who has only been dancing traditional ballet for two years. This is her first time competing at Youth America Grand Prix, facing many dancers who have performed multiple years in the competition. Will her natural ability and determination make up for her inexperience and secure her a spot in the New York City semifinals?”

Episode Listing:
Dance School Diaries Trailer: 4 Dancers and the Test of a Lifetime
Ep. 1: Ballet’s Most Prestigious Competition
Ep. 2: Meet Quintuple Threat Sage
Ep. 3: Meet Girl Next Door Andrea
Ep. 4: Meet The Ballet B-Boy Lex
Ep. 5: Meet the Newbie Ballerina Madison
Ep. 6: Semi Finals in OC – Contemporary
Ep. 7: Semi Finals in OC – Classical
Ep. 8: Semi Finals in OC – Awards
Ep. 9: Welcome To New York!
Ep. 10: Contemporary Finals in NYC, Pt. 1
Ep. 11: Contemporary Finals in NYC, Pt. 2
Ep. 12: Classical Finals in NYC
Ep. 13: Scholarship Classes
Ep. 14: NYC Finals – The Results
Ep. 15: Finale

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.