Dance School Diaries Ep. 10: Contemporary Finals in NYC, Pt. 1

“Contemporary Finals in NYC – Ep. 10, Pt. 1”

Webisode 10, Pt. 1 in DanceOn’s Dance School Diaries features the contemporary finals:

“Our finalists perform their contemporary pieces in NYC! Sage delivers an unforgettable and emotional performance and Lex gets quite a few ‘Bravos!’ from the audience. But will that convince the judges in this whole new level of competition? ”

Episode Listing:
Dance School Diaries Trailer: 4 Dancers and the Test of a Lifetime
Ep. 1: Ballet’s Most Prestigious Competition
Ep. 2: Meet Quintuple Threat Sage
Ep. 3: Meet Girl Next Door Andrea
Ep. 4: Meet The Ballet B-Boy Lex
Ep. 5: Meet the Newbie Ballerina Madison
Ep. 6: Semi Finals in OC – Contemporary
Ep. 7: Semi Finals in OC – Classical
Ep. 8: Semi Finals in OC – Awards
Ep. 9: Welcome To New York!
Ep. 10: Contemporary Finals in NYC, Pt. 1
Ep. 11: Contemporary Finals in NYC, Pt. 2
Ep. 12: Classical Finals in NYC
Ep. 13: Scholarship Classes
Ep. 14: NYC Finals – The Results
Ep. 15: Finale

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.