Dance Films For Urban Screens From Subway Platforms To The Mall

“elsewhere by Heidi Strauss”

[Toronto, ON] – PATTISON Onestop, in partnership with Grimm Pictures and adelheid, present elsewhere, a series of short films created for urban screens by Heidi Strauss, Laura Taler, and Jeremy Mimnagh, based on the most recent creation of award-winning choreographer Heidi Strauss, from November 1 to 30, 2014.

elsewhere will play in Toronto on PATTISON Onestop’s subway platform screens as well as the large downtown video board, located at the corner of Yonge and Edward Streets. In Alberta elsewhere will appear on the Edmonton LRT platform screens, as well as on screens at the Calgary International Airport. elsewhere will also be presented across Canada on the PATTISON Onestop Residential Network and shopping mall screens.

This urban screen film project, shot before elsewhere premiered as a live dance performance, features brief glimpses into a world where time’s properties are malleable. In elsewhere, everyone is simultaneously together and alone; the reeling bodies are guided by a collection of experiences, leaving behind a sensory imprint of all that is changing, vital and fleeting. The project maps a condition that gives everyday life a quality of continual motion; felt within impulses, expectations and encounters; an internal graph of lived intensities.

“The project began when Heidi Strauss and I began discussing ideas around affect,” said Laura Taler, Grimm Pictures. “We did not want to do a straight-up adaptation of the stage work so we decided that we would experiment with creating the stage work and the film in tandem. In the end, since the mediums are so different, there is little overlap between the two, aside from the dancers. The Art in Transit project allowed us to give the choreography a particular cinematic treatment that could never be seen on stage.”

“These elsewhere videos mold time to the needs of the creators while deftly focusing the viewers’ attention on beautifully fluid interactions and brief but intense encounters. I’ve never seen anything like them,” said Sharon Switzer, National Arts Programmer and Curator, PATTISON Onestop.

Performed by Danielle Baskerville, Justine A Chambers, Luke Garwood, Molly Johnson and Brendan Wyatt, elsewhere is adelheid’s first ensemble creation. The elsewhere urban screen film project was produced by Grimm Pictures in collaboration with adelheid dance projects, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, Dance on Screen Production Projects Program.

elsewhere is presented on PATTISON Onestop networks as part of PATTISON’s ongoing arts and culture programme, presenting thought-provoking projects that enhance our shared environment and transport commuters, shoppers and city-dwellers, if only momentarily, out of their daily routines.


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