Breakdance Classic: Bgirl Terra May Be Cute But She Wins Battles With Superior Technique

“BGIRL TERRA 2013 (the best BGirl of the world)”

Bgirl Terra, member of the Soul Mavericks crew, has a lot of fans and for good reason. At 6 she won a major breakdance battle with one or two videos (above and below) going viral.

Ellen Degeneres invited her on Ellen and she got a lot of attention partly because she’s really cute.

But I was looking at the above video again and was reminded that she’s not only an incredible technical talent but also an excellent performer. A lot of technicians are almost mechanical but she brings quite a bit of flair and individuality to her work.


“Amazing 6 year-old BGIRL TERRA VS BBOY LEELOU – Chelles Battle Pro 2013”


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