BTS YouTube Dance and Music Video Avalanche: Seven Stages of Dionysus

“BTS – Dionysus | Comeback Special Stage | M COUNTDOWN”

If you search for “BTS Dionysus” on YouTube you’ll get another take on the popularity of the hottest Kpop boy band alive. The all singing, all dancing phenomenon does not yet have an official music video for their latest single “Dionysus” but just on their own BANGTANTV BTS YouTube channel they already have four videos up.

Three are single shot versions of the above live televised “Comeback Special Stage” performance and one is the run-through below billed as a “dance practice” video. Beyond their channel you’ll find “Dionysus” videos from the show, “Dionysus” videos about the show, “Dionysus” videos from their Rose Bowl performance and, most of all, “Dionysus” reaction videos which I didn’t even realize was a thing.

Choreography for “Dionysus” including a large dance crew is by “18-year-old Sienna Lalau and Andrew Elam from The Lab Creative Arts Studio.

“[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS ‘Dionysus’ Dance Practice”

If you’re unfamiliar with the BTS phenomenon and their intense fanbase, the BTS Army, you’re not alone. MTV’s Madeline Roth checked them out for her first live experience and has a basic introduction for you. I found out about their comeback via Twitter the day their new album was announced. They literally had almost every spot in Twitter Trends which I have never seen before or since. And Twitter probably isn’t where their fans are most active.

Despite social media connecting us, it has also separated us as we pursue our own personal interests. A giant global phenomenon like BTS and the BTS Army can be lurking right around the corner and we don’t even know it. So check out the above and find out a bit more or just enjoy it all again!

Clyde F. Smith

DanceLand founder Clyde F. Smith has a PhD in Cultural Studies from OSU and performs improvisational dance in Working Sessions.