BabyFirst Brings PB & Jam, The Dance Time Boys, To Time Warner


[Los Angeles, CA] – BabyFirst is now available to Time Warner Cable customers nationwide on Channel 256. The award-winning independent network features fun, interactive and age-appropriate content for babies, toddlers and their parents. Programming is created by leading experts to help tots and their parents explore developmental basics like numbers, colors, animals, art, music and more.

BabyFirst’s schedule of programs includes dozens of original shows that offer an interactive, educational viewing experience for tots and their caregivers. The channel features a color-coded programming guide which tells parents the educational value of each segment through the color-changing BabyFirst flower logo on-screen. A few family-favourites include:

“The Dance Time Boys” – Happy kids PB & Jam get children and grownups moving and grooving. They sing, dance and have a great time in exciting locations such as the roller skating rink, bowling alley, golf course and even the airport. The series exposes children to music and movement.

“Peekaboo, I See You!” – The friendly character P-Boo swings, rolls, bounces, summersaults and tiptoes into the hearts of little ones. Each episode features three objects that P-Boo hides among. The series teaches prepositions such as behind, under and inside.

“Harry the Bunny” – Harry, a curious 3 year old bunny who loves exploring fun new things, invites young viewers to go on exciting adventures with him as he learns new words and concepts. Harry explores things in his backyard, his bedroom and other places young ones can relate to. The show fosters language development in a fun, age-appropriate way.

“We are proud to work with Time Warner Cable to bring BabyFirst’s beloved programs to more families across the U.S.,” said Sharon Rechter, co-founder and EVP, Business Development, BabyFirst. “With distribution through Time Warner Cable, we are now available in more than 50 million homes across the country, which is a big milestone for our independent network.”

BabyFirst’s content is supervised and supported by a worldwide Advisory Board comprised of leading child psychologists and development experts. Nearly 80% of the channel’s programming is original content and has garnered accolades such as the iParenting Media Awards, the Parent’s Choice Award, the U.S. International Film and Video “Gold Camera” award and many more recognitions.

In addition to enjoying BabyFirst’s award-winning programming on TV, parents and children can download a variety of mobile apps created by BabyFirst that bring the exploration of developmental basics to a smaller screen – the smartphone. More than a dozen free mobile apps developed by BabyFirst are available for iPhone and Android devices, and the BabyFirst Mobile Discovery Network shares a collection curated by BabyFirst’s education experts of the best mobile apps available anywhere for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.


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