Australian Ballet Principal Artist Madeleine Eastoe Announces Retirement Via YouTube

“Madeleine Eastoe: An announcement”

Madeleine Eastoe, Principal Artist with The Australian Ballet, announced her retirement this week via YouTube.

The news went out via official press channels as well but the video above is a nice way to connect more directly with fans:

“Acclaimed for her magnetic stage persona and fearless technique, Madeleine Eastoe has announced that, after an incredible 18 year career, she will leave The Australian Ballet this year.”

“Leaving behind a company of adoring dancers and enamoured fans in Australia and overseas, her final performances will be during the Giselle season, which tours Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, with her final show taking place at the Adelaide Festival Centre on Monday 6 July 2015.”

Maina Gielgud Coaches Principal Artists Madeleine Eastoe and Kevin Jackson in Giselle

Clyde F. Smith

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