ARC Entertainment Company Brings Ballet To The World Of Rock

A Ballet Performance to Sound of Silence by Disturbed
Danced by Kirsten Bloom Allen and Magnus Christoffersen

(Los Angeles) – Inspired by the integration of music and dance and the meaning of the words “sound of silence,” ARC Entertainment Company’s reproduction of “Sound of Silence” by Disturbed is paving a new path for dancers and musicians alike. By adding the visual element of dance to a rock or metal song, ARC Entertainment Company’s principal dancers, Kirsten Bloom Allen and Magnus Christoffersen, are able to further convey the message and meaning of the song.

In ARC’s “Sound of Silence” video, the depth and passion of David Draiman’s vocals mixed with the sensuality of dance create a powerful and moving story representing the journey of love between two people. Allen and Christoffersen capture love found, fully embodied, and eventually lost. The dance takes the audience through an inner dialogue of words left unsaid — ultimately, the sound of silence.

Brian Justin Crum – We Are The Champions
With Dancers Kirsten Bloom Allen, Iago Breschi, Lucas Ataide and Brian Heil

“It is such an honor to represent the art form of ballet in new and exciting ways with ARC Entertainment Company,” says Allen, ARC’s founder. “Dance is the oldest form of communication known to man and I am excited to share this through the innovative and modern setting of rock and metal music.”

Award-winning choreographer Tigran Sargsyan plays a crucial role in the production of the video. His careful work ensures that each step, gesture, and phrase of choreography represent this inner dialogue and emotional cycle. Kirsten, Magnus, and Tigran are currently rehearsing a dance trio to Disturbed’s song “A Reason to Fight” to expand on their message of suicide prevention. Stay tuned for the release of this video in October.

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About Kirsten Bloom Allen

Kirsten Bloom Allen is a ballet dancer from San Diego. She serves as the founder and principal dancer for ARC Entertainment Company. She is also the creator of the Bands and Ballet movement which enhances rock concerts with the visual element of dance. Allen’s career included many notable performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC as well as performances in China. She has been described as a “beautiful dancer with a sensual style of movement that draws in her audience.” Learn more about Allen and Bands and Ballet at ARC Entertainment Company’s official website.

Press Release Via: ARC Entertainment Company


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