America’s Got Talent Dance Favorites Light Balance Bring Their Show To Virtual Reality

Light Balance | Virtuality | Official 4K VR Trailer

(Los Angeles) – AmazeVR, a premium, cloud-based platform for high-quality VR content creation and mass distribution, today announced the release of an exciting set of immersive experiences exclusive to its platform. The experiences feature the ultramodern LED dance-performance troupe, Light Balance, best known for its “golden buzzer-winning” performance and top-three finish on America’s Got Talent.

The new exclusive experiences are part of AmazeVR’s strategy to deliver the most compelling, entertaining and highest quality VR content available. Light Balance’s innovative performances and avid fanbase make it an ideal choice for next generation VR experiences. Light Balance has cultivated more than 250K followers and topped 50 million views of its performances, opening the possibility for VR to draw in a broader audience with Light Balance’s fan migration to a new immersive realm.

To bring the experiences to life, AmazeVR worked with Virtuality, the LA-based immersive entertainment startup that produced the act. The resulting content features captivating Light Balance performers dancing inside a 6K stereoscopic 360-environment, along with neon enhancements and original audio from EDM producer, Justified Noise.

Light Balance Makes EPIC Return With LIT Dance – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

“We believe Light Balance in VR encapsulates how far experiential immersive content can now go,” said Virtuality founder, Mark Rickard. “Whereas early 360-video and token brand-driven experiences left many feeling underwhelmed with VR’s potential, we set out to create something that guarantees a ‘wow factor’—whether from the seasoned VR enthusiast or someone trying it for the first time.”

The Light Balance experiences developed with Virtuality are just the beginning. The companies’ shared vision promises to help evolve the VR landscape.

“We’re thrilled to be working with creative studios like Virtuality because a lack of great content is one of the biggest issues in mass adoption,” said Ernest Lee, chief content officer of AmazeVR. “We have a slate of content we plan to produce with Virtuality, along with our other production partners, to establish a consistent pipeline of content users love. Doing so will create a meaningful ecosystem for VR creators as well as develop the ability to monetize content that audiences value.”

Light Balance FINALIST | ALL Performances | America’s Got Talent 2017

As a result of its recent Series A funding from a slew of leading VR investors from across the globe, AmazeVR is well-positioned to help accelerate the development and production of VR content, created and distributed with its partners through the Amaze platform. AmazeVR is committed to delivering the world’s best VR experiences with new premium releases weekly. New releases span performances, interactive story-branching narratives, and the best cinematic VR.

The Light Balance VR experience is available today on AmazeVR for $3.99, or see it along with over 100 premium videos on AmazeVR with an all-access Premium Pass (1 month $7.99, 3 months $14.99, 6 months $22.99). | IG: @amaze.vr | IG: @lightbalance | IG: @virtualityxr

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